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The Association for Disabled People is a nascent body that is set to introduce the inclusivity of the People with Disabilities in sectors pertaining to academics, sports, vocational training, and allied areas. It wishes to introduce familiarity in areas that were uncommon to the common eye. It continues to be a partner in progress over the next decade and beyond and have greater participation and enrolment by looking ahead; understanding the trends and forces that will shape the notion of specially challenged in the future and move swiftly to prepare for what is to come. 

In most developing countries, people with disabilities are the largest minority group. As a group, they are starved of services and facilities available to the able-bodied and, consequently, are the least nourished, the least healthy, the least educated, the least employed. They are subject to a long history of neglect, isolation, segregation, poverty, deprivation, charity and even pity.

Children with disability get harsh treatment with the constant allegation of being a liability. They are viewed with prejudice and are considered incapable and a drain on family resources. These attitudinal barriers are the most difficult ones to remove. The image of children with disability itself has a disabling image leading to lack of self confidence and limited social participation.

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Activities Involved In

ADP has been working on the Accessible India Campaign. We have conducted Access Audits of more than 350 buildings across the country.
ADP has distributed COVID relief kits to PwDs during the unfortunate pandemic.
ADP is working towards the development of Para Sports for sportspersons with disabilities since 2006.
ADP has organized several assessment camps for the youth and disabled through our outreach program.